delicious gluten free cakes

Our History

Our We Love Cake journey began back in 2002, when our second-generation family business owner, Michael Bell tried to live as a Coeliac for a week.

Unsatisfied with anything he consumed, not least the free from cakes he reluctantly attempted, by day two of the week-long trial he decided to build a bakery.

This bakery would go on to discover, design and deliver delicious gluten free cakes that have all the great taste of our other bakery products to date, with all the reassurance of safe handling, testing and rigour for Coeliacs and those with milk allergies to ensure they are 100% safe for consumption.

delicious gluten free cakes

Since our early days we have gone from strength to strength. Selling to our lovely customers up and down the UK isles and beyond to Europe and Australia!

In 2019 we gave our lovely cakes a makeover - inside and out. We clothed them in fancy new packaging and took some of the unnecessary sugars out of them. We then placed them in handy display units to make it easier for you to pick your favourites. All still lovingly batch made, hand finished and deliciously tasty - with the stamp of approval from you!

Our development bakers continue to work on brand new delicious gluten free cakes for the range - most recently bringing our showstopper Brookie to the table. It's all the crunch of a cookie, with all the bite of a rich chocolate brownie. We hope you love it!

tea spoons of sugar removed from our recipes
Up to 38% reduction in sugar based on previous recipes
Suitable For Coeliacs