Raspberry Ripple Slices

Looking for an afternoon treat? A mid-morning pick me up? Rip-roar through the week with a little slice of raspberry ripple cake. Super soft sponge, jammy middle and sweet frosting. Better pop the kettle on.

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Totally Toffee

Sticky Toffee Slices

Why reside sticky toffee to just a pudding? We Love Sticky Toffee and We Love Cake. Some say, this was a match made in bakery heaven.

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Rumble In The Crumble

Apple Crumble Slices

Float like a butterfly, eat cake like its gluten free. If you're looking for a slice of crumble that punches well over its weight in sponge. Join the rumble with our apple crumble slices. Great with a round of milk free custard.

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Rock 'N' Rollin

Rocky Road Mini Bites

I know it’s only Rocky Road but we like it...

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Crunch 'N' Crisp

Toffee Crispy Mini Bites

Choc-A-Block couldn’t be left alone. It needed a snacking partner. Snacks are best eaten with friends (or not telling anyone you have them and saving them for yourself). That’s why we created Toffee Crispy Mini Bites to aid the snacking mission.

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